Rathorn: Savage Adventures #1


Rathorn: Savage Adventures #1 is a 66-page self-contained adventure novella in PDF format by Darrin Drader, author of Battlemasters & Berserkers! He came from the northern barbarian clans to claim vengeance against those who stole from his village and killed his best friend. But once entered, leaving civilization is far from easy. The future adventures of Rathorn will be available soon in multiple e-formats, with Savage Adventures #2 coming soon and new installments arriving every month! Join this mighty-thewed warrior on his adventures in the grandest pulp tradition!

Rathorn: Savage Adventures is written by veteran author Darrin Drader, author of a metric ton of RPG supplements for Legendary Games, Wizards of the Coast, and many more, including this month’s Battlemasters & Berserkers, as well as adventures like Master of the Forgotten Temple and Lair of the Deathspeaker!

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