Meditations of the Imperial Mystics (5E)


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Eastern Mysteries Revealed!

Meditations of the Imperial Mystics is a delightful expansion of the martial arts and mysticism wielded by the 5th Edition monk class, but it goes far beyond into the mystic arts of magic and how it blends with the power of ki. You will find in these pages a quartet of ancient and erudite texts that bring numinous enlightenment to those that read them.

When your heroes discover fragments of mystic lore from Body Outside Body, Instructions of Yin-Blood and Thundering Yang, Prayers of Empty Flesh and Undying Ki, and Seven Ghost Needles, they are uncovering mysteries from the greatest masters of the mind across fantasy Asia. The tomes within this product are evocative and richly detailed, with history and character that makes them far more than a collection of dusty pages that deliver intriguing possibilities for introducing novel applications of the rules of your favorite role-playing game, and present over two dozen feats, spells, and options to enrich your 5E heroes with amazing Asian-inspired accents.

Grab this 22-page 5th Edition character supplement today and Make Your Game Legendary!


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