Legendary Recipes: Cozy Cooking in the Time of Corona


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Tasty Treats for your Heroes!

Legendary Recipes: Cozy Cooking in the Time of Corona is a special charity publication brought to you from Legendary Games to benefit those hit hardest by the CoVID-19 pandemic! We’ve brought together an all-star team of some of your favorite RPG authors and artists, designers and developers who have brought their creative talents to companies like Wizards of the Coast, Paizo Inc., Kobold Press, Rogue Genius Games, Know Direction, Freelance Forge, AdventureaWeek, Rite Publishing, and so many more.

In these pages, we introduce you to some of their new talents in the kitchen with this collection of fantastic family-friendly recipes for you and yours! From Apple Smiles and Dwarven Bread to Chipotle Chili and Gingerbread Kaiju, you’ll find a collection of recipes as fun to make as they are to eat. Plus, profits from all sales of this book go to support charities and organizations helping those in need during the pandemic and in the aftermath when we all get to the other side and work to build communities that are more loving and generous than ever before!

Help us support the everyday heroes keeping families and communities safe, and we hope this 50-page cookbook helps Make Your Mealtime Legendary!

Contributors include: Anthony Adam, Jacob Blackmon, Ryan Costello, Liz Courts, Deb Fellowes, Carl Gilchrist, BJ Hensley, Mike Kimmel, Andrew Marlowe, Monica Marlowe, Jacob W. Michaels, Jason Nelson, Jonathan G. Nelson, Tim Nightengale, Lj Stephens, Rachel Ventura, Nicholas Wasko, and Tonya Woldridge!


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