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Alchemy is a Blast!

Legendary Alchemists Expanded is an explosive expansion for Pathfinder alchemists but especially to the new Legendary Alchemist class from Legendary Games. Designed to help further the enjoyment of this new class, Legendary Alchemists Expanded provides over 40 new discoveries spread among all the alchemical disciplines as well as variant multiclass rules for two different paths to take. Along with these new options come new alchemical items and exotic alchemical materials such as Orichalcum and Forge Glass. In addition, several new archetypes completely change up the playstyle of the class, such as the far realm scouring Alienist, the dangerous gun-slinging Black Powder Researcher, and the reality ripping Void Demolitionist, no two legendary alchemists will ever be the same. New to this volume is a deeper look into alchemists in the campaign world, granting additional info on different personalities, locations such as the City of Silver Sands, and even unique events to add to your game, like an alchemical cookoff, an eccentric ‘bodybuilding’ competition, a demolitions competition, and underground robot fights. Legendary Alchemists Expanded seeks to not only expand the class mechanically but allow it to completely immerse your players like never before! Grab this fantastic 58-page character class expansion for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and Make Your Game Legendary!


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