Legendary Adventures: Forgotten Crowns 5E


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Note: This adventure uses rules for PCs past 20th level from the Legendary Adventures: Epic 5E core rulebook.

Pallatia, the Ruler’s Rest, is a dimension of floating isles where those of noble achievements and royal blood spend the afterlife. Eons ago the emperor god Leviatos died and since then his planar home has slowly frayed and weakened, only breaking just now. The long dead kings and empresses that dwell there have slowly gone mad in the absence of their deity, and the broken energies sustaining their home are trapping dimensional travelers—and worse. Things from beyond and below have begun to invade Pallatia, hastening its end and the total destruction of any soul within.

What’s inside Forgotten Crowns:

-An adventure in a decaying and doomed dimension for PCs of 23rd level.
-Battles within the rib cage of a dead god and across islands that float in midair.
-Statistics for cosmic monsters like the arnsenon and limpocait, Xydragis (the fiendish leader of the Scarlet Legion), and eight other CR 20+ enemies for epic adventurers to face.
-More details about the mysterious trekth and the effects of their world runes.
-Pregenerated adventurers of 23rd level for every class.
-A printer-friendly black and white file in addition to the regular PDF.
-PLUS the epic adventuring continues in the upcoming Dismantling Cities module for parties of 24th level or higher!


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