Gothic Heroes (5E)


Eight amazing 5E characters for horror campaigns!

Gothic Heroes is our latest collection of pregenerated 5th Edition characters designed around specific campaign themes. Within these pages you’ll find 8 fully fleshed-out, ready-to-play ideal for any campaign delving into the mist shrouded Loft of Ravens or any other campaign replete with spirits and spooks, hauntings and horror, from crumbling castles to haunted mansions and forgotten libraries whose grimoires hold secrets humanity was not meant to know! Superstar author Neil Spicer proudly presents:

-Agrimar Vaskel, male half-orc paladin of the Goddess of Valor
-Dominnia Vorsaife, female aasimar cleric and her ghostly ally, Theodric
-Eilinica Ziorec, female human cleric of the Goddess of Dreams
-Ereviss Cierdel, male elf bard
-Jevalt Ardain, male dhampir cleric of the Lady of Graves
-Merenso Kull, male half-elf ranger
-Xiuj Hak Leyng of the Seven-Ghost-Needles, male human master of potions and powders
-Ysabot Vaskel, female changeling wizard and her cat familiar, Persimmon

Each character includes a richly detailed backstory, roleplaying tips, special equipment, and a special campaign trait to help tie them to the background of a horror campaign, plus full-page character portraits and foldable paper miniatures for every character! Whether you want to use these as playable characters in a horror campaign or as NPCs, cohorts, allies, or rivals, this fantastic 32-page character accessory will Make Your Game Legendary!

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