False Prophecies (5E)


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The Eyes of the Oracle

You ahve been sent by one of the kings of the Kagari Islands to consult with the all-knowing Oracle of Aelohor regarding the fell Cult of Naegara and the chaos it is wreaking across the lands. Can you stay one step ahead of the cult’s fell plots and stop them from destabilizing the city-states of the crowded sea and igniting the fires of war. The oracle’s gift of foresight has drawn rulers and generals through the ages seeking portents, but can even her wisdom preserve the peace?

This incredible 125-page DnD 5E adventure for 5th-6th level characters is inspired by the epic mythology of Ancient Greece. Pit your heroes against the monstrous minions of the Underworld and the conspiracies entangled with them on the world above as they continue as they set forth on the Mother of Monsters Adventure Path. In this adventure, your heroes must brave dangers on land and sea, in the wild country and the civilized halls of power, and danger lurks in every corner. False Prophecies includes the adventure itself as well as new monsters like the sphinx lion and phalanx warrior, magic items, world and setting lore, and so much more! Grab it today and Make Your Game Legendary! 


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