Aegis of Empires Adventure Path (PF2)


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A Legendary Epic!

Strange things are afoot in a ramshackle house in the back streets of Eber, but the heroes who pull that first thread will find murder, mayhem, monsters, mystery, and magic aplenty in this massive adventure series from award-winning author Greg A. Vaughan and his talented team! Eldritch tomes hold ancient secrets better left forgotten, as sinister cults, secret guilds, and malevolent masterminds weave a continent-spanning conspiracy that threatens doom for all. Ancient enemies will rise and a legacy of sorrow and betrayal bears bitter fruit, but the lure of fortune and glory draws the heroes ever onward in a breathless race against time and rival forces, with redemption and cataclysm balanced on the edge of a knife and the fate of untold thousands at stake. The elder empires do not rest easy, and you must decide whether their restless slumber awakens into a dream or a nightmare.

The Aegis of Empires Adventure Path is a Pathfinder Second Edition adventure saga for taking characters all the way to 17th level, from gritty urban adventure, chilling mysteries, epic wilderness journeys, and fabulous lost cities ranging across the length and breadth of the spectacular Lost Lands Campaign Setting. This rich and exciting world 20 years in the making has been home to dozens of adventures from Necromancer Games and Frog God Games and produced with their cooperation to be compatible with The World of the Lost Lands campaign guide!

While designed for use with the Lost Lands, these adventures are loosely connected rather than following a strictly controlled plotline, enabling you to easily place them into any campaign world. Your heroes can explore at their own pace to discover the secrets of antiquity or be consumed in their seeking as they brave the dark paths of the Aegis of Empires. Grab this fantastic 600-page adventure saga for Pathfinder Second Edition today and Make Your Game Legendary!

NOTE: The PDF version includes over 40 pages of unkeyed “player-friendly” maps you can copy into your favorite VTT program. The print version does not include these pages and is 554 pages.


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