Print version of Ultimate Rulership… AWAYYYY

Files have been uploaded to Amazon’s CreateSpace and a pile of books has been ordered for direct sale right here at! It should take 5-7 days for the process to work its way through the system, but if all goes well people should be able to start ordering the print version of Ultimate Rulership about a week from now!


This process has taken us longer than we expected, but that’s hardly a surprise for our first time going through the process. Future print products (and there will be more) should move much more quickly. Meanwhile, Tim is hard at work on getting Faerie Passions ready to release, the debut product for Legendary authors Russ Taylor and Todd Stewart, and a fantabulous foray into the forests of the fey (and other places too, but hey, it’s alliteration). You just might be meeting this charming stranger on a walk in the woods. Be careful. She bites…

Harionago - LG edit