PREVIEW: What’s inside Mythic Monsters 7: Inner Planes

A sneak peek for those wondering what exactly you’ll find between the covers of the latest Mythic Monsters product from Legendary Games, take a look at this list of creatures:


CR/MR Creature

5/2       mythic genie, janni

6/2       mythic ghul

6/2       mythic mercane

6/2       mythic tojanida

8/3       mythic salamander

8/3       mythic xill

8/3       mythic xorn

9/3       mythic invisible stalker

10/4      mythic genie, noble djinni (vizier)

10/4      liminal hound

12/5      mythic genie, noble efreeti (malik)

14/5      mythic genie, noble marid (shahzada)

16/6      mythic genie, noble shaitan (pasha)


At the suggestion of a number of folks when we previewed this product previously, we updated all four of our core mythic genie races to their noble equivalents, which makes a great deal more sense for a truly MYTHIC version of a genie, especially those with the power to overrule the wishes granted by their lesser (and perhaps less wise) compatriots. Tomorrow we’ll preview a few more of the powers you’ll find inside.


            Mythic genies help police the genie wish economy by keeping their lesser kin from making bad deals or abusing the system. All mythic genies that can grant wishes have the following ability (this does not count against their allotment of mythic powers based on their mythic rank):


Wishmaster (Su): A mythic genie is aware of every wish granted by a genie of its type anywhere on the same plane, and can sense objects and situations that have been altered by such wishes granted within the last year. A mythic genie with the ability to grant wishes (including limited wishes) may expend two uses of its mythic power as well as one use of its own wish-granting ability to negate a wish (or limited wish) granted by another genie of its type, or alter its effects.


A mythic genie usually uses this ability when it deems that a lesser genie has made a poor bargain or one that casts its race in a negative light, or when the lesser genie is being compelled or manipulated either magically or through bluffing, trickery, or flattery. Generally, a mythic genie that has to undo a lesser genie’s wish will track down the lesser genie and punish it to incentivize more care in the future, as well as interrogating it about the situation that led to the wish. A mythic genie often waits until it gets the full story before negating or altering a wish, so wishes sometimes remain in effect for days or even months before being changed, often subtly and insidiously.