Preview of The Necrotic Verses

We are looking forward to releasing the first of our Gothic Grimoires series, The Necrotic Verses, tomorrow, and just thought we’d provide a short preview of the product, starting with Frank Hessefort’s lovely illustration of the tome (I love the texture and sheen of the leather – very classy):

Within, you will find the lore of the book’s origin, penned by musical prodigy Zane Einrich, celebrated for his avant-garde musical experimentation but driven to distraction and finally obsession by a single critic that refused to acknowledge his genius. The book collects the most infamous of his masterpieces, including the Dance of the Empty Moons, Dead Man’s Frolic, the Masque Macabre, Mordant Coda, Music of the Spheres, Opus of the Golden King, Pnakotic Fugue, and the Scare Chord. True, studying his musical notation might infect the reader’s mind with the kind of unstable cycles of obsession and revulsion that plagued its creator, but further secrets lie within for bards willing to delve into his deranged oeuvre. After all, what’s the risk of a little sanity in exchange for the power to lure your victims into a phantom dance that spirits them off to the Dimension of Dreams? Or to convince the hostile townsfolk that one of their number has been revealed as being secretly an alien!  That’s a chance you  should be willing to take!


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