Pregen Preview with Art by Hugo Solis!

Check out the art for 7 of the 8 pregens, written by Neil Spicer, Clinton Boomer, Clark Peterson and the Legendary Games Design Team, with art by Hugo Solis! May I introduce you to (from left to right)

JEVALT ARDAIN, Male dhampir inquisitor 1

YSABOT VASKEL, Female changeling witch 1 (with Persimmon, her cat familiar)

EREVISS CIERDEL, Male elf bard (detective) 1

AGRIMAR VASKEL, Male half-orc paladin of the Goddess of Valor (undead scourge) 1

DOMINNIA VORSAIFE, Female aasimar summoner 1 (with her favored eidolon behind her, THEODRIC VORSAIFE, NG Medium outsider (humanoid base form))

MERENSO KULL, Male half-elf ranger (skirmisher) 1

EILINICA ZIOREC, Female human cleric of the Goddess of Dreams 1

The mystery pregen (not pictured because he is a bit grumpy and reclusive) is:

XIUJ HAK LEYNG OF THE SEVEN-GHOST-NEEDLES, Male middle-aged human alchemist 1




Copyright 2011, Legendary Games, art by Hugo Solis


Open Game License

Open Game Content: The only portion of this character preview that is Open Game Content are the sex, race, class, subclass and level of the above pregens. No other content is open game content. The art is NOT open game content.

Product Identity: As per the Open Game License on the Legal page of this website, but additionally including the following specific designations: all names of all pregenerated characters.

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Pregen Preview. Copyright 2011, Legendary Games; Authors Neil Spicer, Clinton Boomer and Clark Peterson

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