Legendary Games is proud to present the second in our exciting Islands of Plunderseries of adventures: Spices and Flesh!Now available exclusively from the Legendary Games webstore and this weekend from our other sales partners! This adventure for 4th-level characters brings your heroes face to face with Captain Craw and the seemingly friendly crew of the spice trader Tamarind, but let’s just say that cinnamon and cardamom are not their only cargo. Can your heroes uncover their far darker secret before they all fall into the clutches of a legendary menace from below the waves?


Check out Spices and Fleshright now, and if you haven’t already picked up Islands of Plunder: Tarin’s Crown, go get it!Each is available in PDF for just $4.99, print for $9.99, and a bundle of both for $12.99 right here direct from Legendary Games! For those of you enjoying the Pirate Adventure Path Plug-Ins, we hope to have Treasury of the Fleetavailable by the end of this month, and the next installment of Islands of Plunder: Scourge of the Steaming Isle, available by the beginning of July! It’s a summertime pirate pARRRRRRRty!!!

IoP - Spices and Flesh cover