PATH OF THE GENIUS preview #2!

Yesterday we introduced the Path of the Genius with an introduction as to what this brainiac is all about, but we also promised you’d be seeing a full list of all the path abilities for this fabulous new expansion to the mythic rules. But you don’t want just a boring list, do you?  You need some context for what kind of character you might build with this path, and what kind of iconic archetypes it’s supposed to represent. Look no further, for we proudly present to you…



When selecting your genius’s path abilities, you may wish to consider the following themes. Each one suggests a variety of complementary path abilities, with different interpretations about what it means to be a mysterious mythic scholar.

Battlemind: You apply a powerful intellect to the field of battle, using your mind to anticipate and counter your enemies as you analyze them for weaknesses you can exploit. 1st-Tier Path Abilities─analytical eye, deadly guidance, directed assault, imprinting hand, knowledgeable guardian, lesson learned, perfect aid, strange style; 3rd-Tier Path Abilities─blade of reason, studied striker, that trick doesn’t work on me anymore; 6th-Tier Path Abilities─regression to the mean.

Curious Professor: You are a student of lore, a broad-based scholar of all things and an obsessive specialist in your particular areas of interest. Your keen mind is always questioning and reasoning out solutions before some are even aware there is a problem. 1st-Tier Path Abilities─eidetic research, helpful rebuke, hypnotist, maestro composer, mythic discoveries, perfect polyglot, probable path, sage scholar, skeptical eye, this just might work; 3rd-Tier Path Abilities─elementary deduction, escape plan, handy souvenir; 6th-Tier Path Abilities─dispassionate insight.

Inventor: You are an innovator into future technologies, combining impossible insights into quantum energies, robotics, and advanced technology that strives beyond the puerile mechanics clung to by lesser minds. 1st-Tier Path Abilities─bulletproof, crafting mastery, electroshock, engineer, manufactory, nanite antibodies, repair, shortwave implant, stealth drone, technological tinker; 3rd-Tier Path Abilities─advanced gunnery, cybernetic drone, nanite replication, robot fighter; 6th-Tier Path Abilities─nanovirus, rapid robotics

Mad Doctor: You plumb the scientific secrets of life and death, blending alchemy and anatomy in a deadly and volatile mixture that warps and blends flesh and bone. 1st-Tier Path Abilities─assured drinker, electroshock, explosive alchemy, field surgeon, multiple mutagen, mythic discoveries, mythic mutagen, purging alchemy, shortwave implant; 3rd-Tier Path Abilities─dirty bombs, escape plan, genegineer, mend flesh, sizing serum; 6th-Tier Path Abilities─enduring elixir, it’s alive.

Polymath: You are a student of every field and a master of many. Your ability to rapidly process, digest, and synthesize information and insight makes you good at virtually everything. 1st-Tier Path Abilities─a dizzying intellect, assured skill, brilliant inspiration, flash of omniscience, insightful calculus, master dilettante, path dabbling, perfect polyglot, probable path, unwavering skill; 3rd-Tier Path Abilities─critical skill, one step ahead; 6th-Tier Path Abilities─class mimic, regression to the mean.

Tinker: You are a master mechanic, working with all manner of gears and wheels to construct functioning machines out of whatever is available, often far more effectively than their appearance would suggest. 1st-Tier Path Abilities─engineer, crafting mastery, manufactory, mythic discoveries, mythic trapster, repair, she may not look like much, sure shot, technological tinker, trap taker; 3rd-Tier Path Abilities─clockwork creation, combat saboteur, dirty bombs, handy souvenir; 6th-Tier Path Abilities─ technomagical conversion