Paladins so good they’re LEGENDARY!

Tomorrow will see the debut of a brand-new product line for Legendary Games that is all about the PLAYERS: Legendary Classes! And what better class to kick it off than the good-est class there is!

legendary paladin cover

Sure, we’ve hit up the villains before, with Legendary Villains: Dark Druids and Legendary Villains: Antipaladinsbut unless you’re playing in an evil campaign you might not get much use out of that on the player side. The Legendary Classes line, though, is all about you. Legendary Paladinsbrought to you by the legendary duo of Jason Nelson and Amber Scott, is packed with paladin power, including both brand-new class features and new uses for existing ones (paladin vows, repel evil instead of smite evil, and smiting scourges), 10 new paladin archetypes from the angel of wrath to the winter knight, the brand-new paraclete prestige class, along with over 20 new paladin spells and over a dozen new paladin-focused magic items like the shield of intercession and holy purifier. Look for it tomorrow from Legendary, and take your paladin from good to GREAT!


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