Our NO-FOOLIN’ Anniversary sale… and NEW things to come!

Legendary Games was born on April 1st, 2011, and we celebrate by rewarding YOU, the fans who have brought us so far in just four short years! Running now through Easter Sunday, you can get 50% off all PDFs with the code LG4PDF and 33% off all print products and bundles with the code LG4PRINT! Everything except a handful of our newest products is on sale NOW through Sunday!


While we love your business right here at the Legendary Games webstore, we also realize some folks have favorite stores, so if you prefer to shop at Paizo.comwe’re also running our sale over there from April 1st through the 5th, with 40% off all PDFs and 25% off all print products! We ran our last same for GM’s Day with our friends at the Open Gaming Store and DrivethruRPG, so we figured this time around we’d give some love to our faithful followers on Paizo!


But wait, saving money isn’t the ONLY thing we’re announcing! Speaking of our friends at DrivethruRPG, we will soon be offering our products in print through DrivethruRPG and its sister sites! We’ve uploaded over two dozen products successfully and are sorting through some technical issues with compatibility with our printable files from CreateSpace, but we should be ready to go soon there! We have also secured distribution deals with the Books-a-Million bookstore chain and 2nd Avenue Stores, as well as getting the Gothic Campaign Compendium available on amazon.com! We encourage you to ask your FLGS to ask about Legendary Games through those stores and through secondary distributors such as Noble Knight Games, Warpath Games, and thewarstore.com, or directly through us. When you ask for product, game stores take note!


But enough about boring business, you want to know about cool stuff, and there isn’t much that’s cooler than Ancient Egypt! To that end, we are about to launch our newest product line of Egyptian Adventure Path Plug-Ins, and the first product in the line should be ready for you this Friday!


This terrific product, featuring the debut of new Legendary team member Thurston “Thursty” Hillman, features over 30 marvelous magic items, delightfully rendered with the artistic skills of Dio Mahesa and the layout stylings of Rick Hershey. More details to come on this book tomorrow, but as always it’s got a everything your enterprising tomb robber or tomb guardian could want, from the treacherous dune trap javelin to the mighty funerary pyramid. 


Thank you for making our first four years truly LEGENDARY! We look forward to many more to come!