Open the Stargates to High-Tech Tuesday!

Today we are pleased to present the latest expansion for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game – who needs to drift through hyperspace when you can jump through the Stargates! From local system portals to intergalactic wormholes, you’ll find within a detailed system for defining not just the basics like direction and range but mysterious manifestations of transmaterialization energies, the dangers of activating dormant or damaged gateways, including malfunctions like biomutation, psychic backlash, and temporal displacement! You can create unique gateway keys for conditions, patrons, magic, and more, and you’ll find sample gateways like the solar arch, priest’s passage, and the Pillars of Qa, as well as specialized feats, spells, and more for making the most of gateways in your universe. Grab this today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand shortly at Amazon! 

But wait, it gets better! Because if you like the idea of leaping across the universe in the blink of an eye but you prefer Pathfinder or are a 5E fan, you can get those two versions of Stargates as this week’s TWO$DAY product of the week for just $2!!!

Of course, if you’re jumping across the universe, you probably want to go somewhere cool, right? It just so happens we have ANOTHER Starfinder gem on its way to you from George “Loki” Williams, a literal planet of the apes, infested with kaiju cultists, all just waiting for your spacefaring heroes to happen by. Coming this Friday, you can grab Legendary Worlds: Jowchit for Starfinder!

It’s not all about sci-fi, with Legendary Barbarians coming into LG central soon and getting up in the layout queue, with Legendary Cavaliers riding in to follow! And before you get all tied up, beware the magnificent return next week of… MYTHIC MONDAY!!!