One more MYTHIC MONDAY for the road, with preview #6!

Today marks the end of an era, as our long-running MYTHIC MONDAY series comes to a close with Mythic Minis 80: Inherent AdvancementThis simple system can be used in mythic and non-mythic games alike to help you break the tyranny of the boring “Big Six” magic items and their bland bonuses and make treasure a lot more fun by reorienting the way you think about treasure and how characters can accumulate the basic bonuses the game assumes without having to be decked out like Christmas trees with monotonous magic items just to keep their numbers up. You can pick up this innovative and simple system at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG

Mythic Minis 80 - Inherent Advancement cover

But if that’s the last hurrah for the Mythic Minis series (at least for now; we might revisit it at some point in the future), then what will replace it? Well, we figured after 80 weekly products with very few missed weeks in there, we thought maybe it was time for some R&R. Rest and relaxation? No way! How about Rivals and Relationships! 

Spinning off of Mark Seifter’s best-selling Ultimate Relationships book (and its followup, Imperial Relationships), the Rivals and Relationships line will be bringing you a new character and relationship just about every week! Some will continue following up on familiar character archetypes from the Far East Adventure Path, while others may be drawn from other Adventure Paths or other common character archetypes, though every one will be a standalone character concept that you could just as easily slip into any campaign. In addition to friendly NPCs or potential romantic interests, this product line will also feature rivals and even antagonists who may not be precisely enemies but can become ongoing foils and NPCs your characters will love to hate! Keep an eye out for next week’s first installment in the Rivals and Relationships line, RR1: The Lonely Lyrakien! Here’s a quick preview just for you!

Description and Overview: The Lonely Lyrakien is a lyrakien cleric of Lady Luck who once traveled as the ally of a more powerful human cleric until her companion met an untimely end. Afterwards, she prayed to Lady Luck to show her guidance in her travels and set off on a random path, letting luck and the stars decide. Eventually, she reached the place where she saw a sign and decided to stay (in the Far Eastern Adventure Path, that location is an abandoned graveyard). There she has been watching and waiting to see why that spot is where she should stay. In addition to the Far Eastern Adventure Path, the Lonely Lyrakien is an excellent match for any Adventure Path or home game with a Chaotic Good outlook, particularly those involving travel or overthrowing tyranny. The Lonely Lyrakien’s relationship link is focused self-discovery and understanding more of her role in the universe.  As she grows closer to the PC, she becomes more willing to talk about her former companion, and her thoughts about destiny and luck.   

Preferred Gifts and Interactions: The Lonely Lyrakien is difficult to influence with gifts and interactions. She prefers unique experiences and tires of repetition more quickly than usual. The one thing she appreciates most of all is something that can lift an oppressive mood and bring optimism and good cheer to others; in her mind, a perfectly-crafted joke can do all of those things, but she dislikes mean-spirited and hurtful jokes.

Affinity Notes: The Lonely Lyrakien has a positive affinity for clergy of Lady Luck, like herself and her former companion.  She has negative affinity for evil characters and particularly for demons and those who worship them. If an adventuring party includes both the Lonely Lyrakien and the Mute Harpy, this antagonism might lead to interesting interactions between the PCs and NPCs.