Now Three, Three, Three Places to Buy!

You don’t need to count with the Count, but if you want to partake of the products of Legendary Games, you also have a new option for your buying pleasure: the d20pfsrd webstore! That’s right, the king of 3PP online rule resources outside the hallowed halls of Paizo is now also in the business of selling products from all of the leading Pathfinder 3PPs, including, of course Legendary Games! We encourage you to support the d20pfsrd webstore not only because of their tireless dedication to the Pathfinder community, but also because they are committed to helping small presses and 3PPs succeed by taking the smallest distributor’s percentage of any gaming webstore of which I am aware. Whether you buy a product from Legendary Games or any other 3PP, more of your dollar goes to the creators of the products you buy when you purchase through this site, which in turn helps us make more of the products you love! Plus, you know, John Reyst is just a really cool cat, so he’s got that goin’ for him! Check it out!


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