Nothing says December like ANCIENT EGYPT!

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If you’re feeling chilled, cast your mind into the warm sands and dusty ruins of civilizations once great and mighty, and whose secrets still may rule the world! First of all, this week’s TWO$DAY product of the week, Tomb Raiders, is available this week for just 2 dollars right here at the Legendary Games webstore!

But the big news is the avalanche of Egyptian awesomeness that is about to arrive! The first to be coming your way by this Friday will be Mythic Monsters: Egypt, by Jason Nelson, Alex Riggs, Mike D. Welham, and featuring the Legendary debut of Jen Page.

Mythic Monsters: Egypt brings you a dozen and one mythological monsters from the burning sands, verdant rivers, and crumbling ruins of ancient pharaohs. Egyptian myths and legends are some of the oldest in the world and influenced the religious and cultural traditions of many kingdoms and empires that followed. While they sometimes were seen as an ancient, exotic, and even decadent culture by the younger kingdoms, their monuments were so titanic, their artistry and iconography so vivid, and their tales and lore so intricate and often so strange that they enjoyed a sort of dual legendarium. The gods and monsters native to the tales of Egypt were one thing, and one that evolved over dynasties spanning milennia, but on top of their own indigenous stories Egypt became a source for all things mysterious. From the classical Greeks to Lovecraftian horror and beyond, any monster, magic, or mystery became more exotic and esoteric when its roots were traced to Egypt, and the same is true when invoking the tropes of Egypt in a fantasy setting or campaign.


Mythic Monsters: Egypt contains an assortment of amazing adversaries for your heroes, ranging from CR 4 to 17, starting with a squadron of sphinxes to confront your adventuring heroes from the hungry hunting hieracosphinx to the crass but clever criosphinx and the proud and noble androsphinx. Not all Egyptian monsters are adversaries, as honorable characters may find allies in the winged maftet and the wise two-headed uraeus. Others are every inch a menace, from hateful werecrocodiles and sinister sha and sacred sha carrying plagues in their wake to deadly scavenging scarab swarms. Of course, much of the Egyptian legendarium in popular and fantasy culture centers around tombs and ruins, and mummies are far from the only inhabitants of the necropolis, as elemental ahkhats are literally a part of the buildings they guard, while mummified cursed kings and eternally vigilant pharaonic guardians guard their domains with jealous and zealous care. As if a dozen existing monsters were not enough, the vicious corpse-eating ammuts sit in judgment on the dead and the damned. For heroes that want to embody that Egyptian vibe for themselves, this book also provides a mythic version of the treasure-hunting archaeologist bard and the legendary living monolith prestige class, anointed with a sacred stone by the ancient sphinx to serve as guardians extraordinaire.


NEXT UP we have not one, not two, but THREE adventures (we might end up combining the final two for a print compilation)!

Beneath the Festered Sun by Pedro Coelho

When a heretical priestess met execution at the hands of conspirators, an immortal consort vowed to carry out her dying curse. Now, after centuries of plotting and waiting, the skies finally align to create the perfect conditions for retribution. Amid the gossip and excitation concerning an extraordinary celestial event, one voice alerts deaf ears to the upcoming danger, only to disappear just as an agonizing vulnerability to daylight strikes the population. Overwhelmed, the authorities call upon reinforcements for the thinned out guard, but can the unexpected heroes stop a vengeance set in motion ages ago? To save the soul of a city, they must confront its present and past and destroy the various iterations of a broken enemy—all before the twilight of the Festered Sun.

Beneath the Festered Sun is an adventure path plug-in designed for 3rd-level characters to complement the Egyptian Themed Adventure Path. This sandbox adventure pitches the PCs against an ancient curse, offering an intriguing interlude to the exploration of the necropolis of Owot-ti. The story takes place right before the PCs venture into the third and final exploration site, in the first module of the Egyptian Themed Adventure Path.

The Hidden Temple of Apep and The Library of Thoth by Alex Riggs.

Each of these adventures explores ancient and secret temples of the old gods of Egypt. The Hidden Temple of Apep is an adventure for characters of 8th to 10th level that centers on the hidden lair of a murderous serpent cult that is terrorizing the lands around, while The Library of Thoth is for 6th-8th level characters and centers on a long-lost repository of ancient wisdom and eldritch magical secrets.

We are waiting for maps and 2 or 3 pieces of art for the above adventures, but writing is complete and they are being edited now. I would expect one of them to be ready by the end of this month and the other two likely ready for action in January.


We’ve assigned some new contributors to pick up the torch on Curses and Mythic Monsters: Africa, so work has resumed on those books and I’ll keep you abreast of developments as that book gets closer to completion! Come closer into the depths of my tomb and see…

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