Not MORE, just BETTER- MYTHIC SKILLS preview #1!

When the mythic rules for Pathfinder came out, we had new mythic paths, mythic monsters, mythic spells, mythic feats, mythic magic items… a little of everything! However, there was one part of the rules that kind of fell by the wayside: SKILLS! Until now…

Mythic Skills cover

In class-based role-playing games, skills often play a secondary role. They may be simply descriptive of a character’s background, heritage, or training before entering the adventuring profession. Some heroes were once farm boys or sailors, others merchant or guild apprentices, and others well-educated noble scions, and their skills reflect that background. Skill systems vary from the simple to the robust, but even the more elaborate skill systems tend to wane in importance throughout the life of a campaign, as magical substitutes for mundane skills become commonplace. At middle and upper levels, magical solutions are generally easily affordable and more reliable than relying on common skills. Some skills retain their importance, especially those that help facilitate or avoid ambush and surprise, and those required to craft, use, or identify magical items, while others recede. With the accelerated power curve in a mythic campaign, this is even more likely, especially given that the official mythic rules do not address mythic skills at all, aside from the usual array of skill-boosting feats.


Mythic Skills introduces a system of skill exploits that take the basic tasks your skills allow you to perform and dials them up to amazing levels. In addition, every skill in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook also gets brand-new skill exploits, as well as greater exploits that only the most skilled masters would even attempt. This system allows your characters to focus on their skills as a key part of their character construction and to invest more of their character’s abilities in their character itself, rather than the character’s gear or magical tools. You can use these rules generally with mythic characters, allowing them to attempt all manner of skill-based exploits, or you can limit the ability to pull off these amazing skill stunts to those mythic characters that have really invested in making their skills a key part of their character’s identity. The mythic rules offer an opportunity to magnify what makes a character special, and the skills they choose to hone as part of their background narrative and throughout the course of the campaign should be just as important in defining them as their marvelous magic and fabulous feats. With Mythic Skills in your hands, your skills will be just as spectacular!


This book should be available TOMORROW, but we’ll be posting up a second preview later today showing what these skill exploits look like in play!