Neil Spicer and Jason Nelson on All Games Considered Podcast

All Games Considered Podcast Interview: Mark Kinney speaks with Jason Nelson and Neil Spicer from Legendary Games. In this 30-minute interview find out how Jason and Neil got into gaming. Listen to the initial goals and growth of Legendary Games and where the inspiration came from. Neil chimes in about the Gothic art as well!

Listen here

Speaking of the art, if you haven’t downloaded your FREE copy of Gothic Visions, you can get it here. Gothic Visions is a 44-page PDF chock full of artwork from the Gothic Series. Designed and laid out by Tim Wickham and featuring the fabulous illustrations and interpretations of Jason Juta, Hugo Solis, and Colby Stevenson, along with the cunning cartography of Rob Lazzaretti. These artworks were inspired by the terrific writing of the original Legendary Games design team of Neil Spicer, Greg A. Vaughan, Clinton J. Boomer, Jason Nelson, and Clark Peterson as part of our Gothic Adventure Path Plug-In series of products.

Download Gothic Visions


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