Mythic Permanency!

One of our fans pointed out that we made a bit of an oversight in Mythic Magic: Core Spells; we forgot the permanency spell! Let it never be said that we leave a stone unturned; there should be 419 mythic spells in the book, not a mere 418. I’ve sent in the fix file to layout so hopefully that’ll get taken care of soon enough, but meanwhile, if you just can’t wait, here it is!


A mythic permanency (and any spell it makes permanent) cannot be dispelled by non-mythic means, up to and including non-mythic mage’s disjunction, and you add your mythic tier to DC of caster level checks made to dispel your mythic permanency even with mythic effects. If you use mythic permanency on yourself, it can be dispelled only by a mythic creature, and only if their caster level plus their mythic tier exceeds your caster level plus your mythic tier.
      Augmented: You can reduce the gp cost of casting mythic permanency by 500 gp per use of mythic power you expend while casting the spell.
      Augmented (3rd): If you expend two uses of mythic power, you can target a magical item with mythic permanency while spending 1,000 gp times the item’s caster level. That item gains immunity to having its powers negated or suppressed by any non-mythic effect, including a non-mythic antimagic field, dispel magic, mage’s disjunction, rod of cancellation, or rod of negation.

One more spell coming to the party...

One more spell coming to the party…


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