Mythic Monsters: Mythos on final approach!

The files are in layout as we speak, and ready to bring otherworldly horror to an unearthly level of awfulness, Mythic Monsters: Mythos takes the mythic rules to places they’ve never been. From the meek yet maddening mythic cerebric fungus to the sanity-shattering mythic shoggoth, these creatures span the CR range from 4 to 24. Just for a little foretaste, here are a few of the new mythic abilities you will find on the abominations within. From the mythic faceless stalker, we have this little gem:


Maddening Duplication (Su) As a standard action, a mythic faceless stalker can expend one use of mythic power to focus its will on a Small or Medium humanoid within 30 feet and rearrange its rubbery facial features to perfectly mimic the humanoid’s face, rippling and pulsing between the duplicate face and the stalker’s own tumescent visage. If the target has line of sight to the mythic faceless stalker, its sense of self is shaken by the maddening duplication, dealing 1d4 points of Charisma damage and dazing the target for 1 round. If the target is a spellcaster, she also acquires the disassociation spellblight. A DC 15 Will save negates Charisma damage and the spellblight and causes the target to become confused for 1 round rather than dazed. A mythic faceless stalker may expend one use of its mythic power when using this ability to force the target to save twice, using the lower roll, and on a failed save the target is dazed for 1 round even on a successful saving throw and confused for 1d6 rounds on a failed save (1 round on a successful save), with the confusion occurring after the dazed effect ends. This is a mind-affecting insanity effect and the save is Charisma-based.


And, from the nefarious mythic neh-thalggu:


Extradimensional Interloper (Su) A mythic neh-thalggu’s alien physiology exists across multiple dimensions simultaneously. It functions as if under a constant blink effect, though this is not a spell and cannot be dispelled, and no miss chance applies to the mythic neh-thalggu’s attacks against other creatures. A mythic neh-thalggu may suppress or resume this ability as a swift action. While blinking, it can expend one use of its mythic power to use a quickened dimension door or two uses of its mythic power to use plane shift or greater teleport as a move action. These teleportation effects affect only the mythic neh-thalggu and what it carries. A mythic neh-thalggu automatically notes the presence of extradimensional spaces (or their apertures, such as the door of a magnificent mansion or the rope of a rope trick) within 60 feet, and as a standard action it may expend one use of its mythic power to dispel that effect as if using greater dispel magic. At the GM’s option, a successful caster level check to dispel could instead allow the mythic neh-thalggu to intrude into the extradimensional space and attack creatures within.


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Monsters man was not meant to meet!

Monsters man was not meant to meet!