MYTHIC MONDAY and Fall Preview #3: Idol Worship and Red Monsters!

Today brings the latest volume of horror-themed feats for Pathfinder with Mythic Minis 102: Horror Feats J-P! From Kyton Cut to Lifeless Gaze and more, you’ll find 10 fearsome feats to bedevil your heroes and make your villains more vile. Pick it up now for just $1 at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG


When it comes to creepy campaigns and creatures, though, it’s hard to top mysterious and uncanny idols and the corrupted cults that conduct their debauched rites around them, and this is the subject in the next installment in our Egyptian Plug-Ins series, sponsored in part by our ongoing Patreon (which you can join right now!). Featuring expanded rules for creating idols, both animate and inanimate, from CR 1/2 to CR 20, plus graven guardians imbued with the power of the gods, and class options for characters to attune themselves to idols and the power within them. Ancient Idols will be available to our Patreon supporters later this month, and to all of our fans soon thereafter. While ideal for a campaign that takes place among the monoliths, monuments, and colossal statuary of a fallen elder civilization, Ancient Idols is easy to drop into any Pathfinder game where great power lingers in what has been left behind.


Last but not least, in celebration of the re-release for Pathfinder rules of the legendary Red Queen Adventure Path, we are pleased to announce that we’ll be reviving our Mythic Module Monsters series, starting soon with Red Queen 1, featuring half a dozen creatures from the initial chapter of that adventure saga like the reefclaw, carrion golem, and raktavarna rakshasa! Further installments will continue thereafter, with each PDF featuring the creatures from a new chapter of the AP. To celebrate the upcoming release of this new monster series, we are offering our original Mythic Module Monsters: Rune Lords Subscription as our TWO$DAY product of the week – 36 magnificent mythic monsters from the AP that started it all for just $3!

Rune Lords 6 cover