Mythic Minis and the Legendary Games product schedule!

This week we announced our new Mythic Minis product line of short products, tightly focused and inexpensive products designed to give you a hard-hitting blast of awesome, delivered to you every single week.  Does this mean Legendary Games will be doing fewer of our regular products? Far from it. This is simply an evolution of where we are as a company and what we are able to do with products both large and small, and this is something we plan to offer alongside our amazing supplements of every shape and size. We will still be releasing 2-3 major products every month for our Adventure Path Plug-Ins and Mythic Plug-Ins, as well as the occasional releases in our Ultimate Plug-Ins line.


One of the changes we are going through as a company is pushing our production schedule farther out in front of us so that we can keep you, the customer and fan, well-informed not just about products that are coming soon, but also about products that may be several months out and more. We’ve spent a lot of effort getting our production processes more organized, and this is something you can look forward to in 2014: a Legendary Games where the future is right at your fingertips. You’ll be able to peruse our upcoming catalog, make preorders, and even subscribe to product lines that you like. Or, of course, you can just buy whatever you like a la carte. While we certainly hope to exceed your expectations every time, if one of our releases does not tickle your fancy you’ll be able to see what’s coming next and start your mouth watering for some of that delicious Legendary goodness!


In keeping with introducing a new every-week production schedule, we thought it might be appropriate to give you a look at the first 10 Mythic Minis you’ll see coming down the pike each and every Friday! Expect more information soon about these and other terrific stuff we’re cooking up in the Legendary kitchen.


Product Name Release Date
Mythic Minis 1: Monster Feats 12/20/2013
Mythic Minis 2: Champion Path Abilities 12/27/2013
Mythic Minis 3: Feats of Flight 1/3/2014
Mythic Minis 4: Marshal Path Abilities 1/10/2014
Mythic Minis 5: Feats of Monstrous Magic 1/17/2014
Mythic Minis 6: Guardian Path Abilities 1/24/2014
Mythic Minis 7: Feats of Charging 1/31/2014
Mythic Minis 8: Trickster Path Abilities 2/7/2014
Mythic Minis 9: Feats of Stealth 2/14/2014
Mythic Minis 10: Archmage Path Abilities 2/21/2014