MYTHIC MARCH MANIA #4: Building the foundation

The weekend update slipped over into the wee hours of Monday, but that’s okay. Burning the midnight oil and then some is often required to build something great. No house can stand without a firm foundation, and no project can succeed without diligent planning. It may not sound too sexy, but much of the work this weekend has been tabulating what has already been done, what is currently being done, tracking and spreadsheeting, plotting out various book sizes and how many feats or spells or path abilities or what have you will fit on a page, and extrapolating how big each new chunk will be. The analysis happening now will help us plan out reasonable stretch goals and thresholds that make sense for you the customer as well as us the producers.


This weekend has been a continued march of progress of kicking projects off my desk and getting future projects lined up to keep rolling even while we are in the depths of Kickstarter-land. It’s also about communication with the amazing partners working with us on this project, Kobold Press and Rogue Genius Games, and… a surprise guest star that has joined our little adventuring party. I am not at liberty to divulge their identity just yet, as we’ve got details to work out, but suffice to say that if everything works out they will blow. Your. MIND!


More to come, but meanwhile the gears are turning fast and furious, concrete is being poured, and the foundation for something amazing is starting to take shape. Thanks for coming along with us! And, just for fun and for anyone developing a bit of mythic fatigue, here is a bonus preview illustration from Ivan Dixon for the upcoming Islands of Plunder by Matt Goodall. YO HO, YO HO, A PIRATE’S LIFE FOR ME!!!

Come out and play, me heartie!

Come out and play, me heartie!