MYTHIC MARCH MANIA #3: Something monstrous!

While the first two books we have announced as part of our Mythic March Mania Kickstarter build on products and product lines we’ve created for Legendary Games, the very first product that Legendary Games produced for use with the mythic rules was not a book of spells or feats or path abilities or anything else, it was Mythic Monsters: Demons! It was designed with a dual purpose in mind, both to introduce the idea and format of a mythic bestiary supplement while also providing support for the “Demon Crusade” Adventure Path debuting last August. That product has been a bona fide hit for us, and in its wake have followed a whole line of mythic monster products from the mundane and magnificent to the mind-boggling; TWO books of mythic oozes and another one of fungus monsters? Seriously? Counting the contents of Mythic Monsters: Sea Monsters which will be heading to layout as soon as I finish up the frontmatter text, we have created mythic versions of almost 140 mythic creatures, from the CR 1 mythic pony in Mythic Monsters: Mounts to the CR 26 mu spore in Mythic Monsters: Molds, Slimes, and Fungi, all of them equipped with a host of unique, dynamic, and cinematic mythic abilities that play upon the tropes and themes of the monsters but really differentiate them from ordinary members of their kind, making them fantastic exemplars or paragons of what that monster is really all about.


I’m sure it will come as no surprise to anyone following Legendary Games and this Kickstarter that the third book we are aiming to create is Mythic Monsters, a compendium of mythic stat blocks incorporating not only creatures we have already created, but yet more to come. We are already hard at work on new entries in our Mythic Monsters line, and this will certainly be a good avenue for fans to keep abreast of the latest developments in this product line and to get their hands on all the mythic goodness as we create it, rather than waiting for one grand compendium to come later. But that compendium… oh, what a book it will be.


One of our goals with this project is to get our monsters compiled into hardcover format, and to fund art orders for every monster. While I believe that the Pathfinder monster art is by and large of excellent and even superlative quality and that providing new art pieces for existing monsters is gilding the lily in terms of necessity, this product is about going above and beyond what’s necessary and striving to reach out for what ROCKS! If you see a mind-blowing stat block for your favorite monster, in a perfect world you’d love to see an image of that monster DIALED UP TO ELEVEN, and if all goes well with this product that is exactly what you will see.


This product will obviously include the brand-new mythic creatures we have created for our Mythic Monsters products, but if funding permits we will also look to create mythic versions of our own Legendary monsters from products like the Construct Codex and Beasts of Legend: Boreal Bestiary and Coldwood Codex. In addition to monster stat blocks, it is our plan to create a set of mythic Universal Monster Rules, not so much in the sense of mythic versions of regular UMRs but more like an expanded list of UMRs that are either unique to or most commonly found among mythic monsters. Keen-eyed followers of the Mythic Monsters line can probably already tell you some of the likely suspects.


Do we have a special surprise partner for this book? Actually, no. Not to say that we won’t solicit the expertise of folks from our Kickstarter partners if they want to get into the monster game, but at present this one is most likely to be a Legendary Games solo act. Unless… we were to solicit some participation from our fans, perhaps including the opportunity to sponsor a mythic monster (and earn the right to choose which monster it’ll be, to make sure your favorite doesn’t get left by the wayside), plan the contents for a Mythic Monster  product, or even to help design a mythic monster yourself. Y’know, in case you’re into that sort of thing.


With all of these books, how far we get towards those goals depend on you. If the Kickstarter goes as expected, this will be the definitive tome of mythic monsters. No one book can possibly cover every monster ever designed for the Pathfinder RPG. There are literally thousands of them. But it will set you up with an amazing collection of mythic monsters that should definitely satisfy your appetite… until we decide to just keep putting out even MORE mythic monsters. Maybe there’ll be a Mythic Monster Manual 2 somewhere down the road. Either way, if you even think about using mythic monsters in your campaign, either in conjunction with mythic characters or just as elite and iconic enemies in a regular campaign that play by their own rules, this is the monster book for you.


Mythic Monsters and Legendary Games. That’s just book THREE. Wait until this weekend for more!

Mythic Monster Demons cover