MYTHIC MANIA UPDATE #6: Divide and conquer!

This weekend saw a full draft of our base goal and stretch goals, as well as pledge levels and bonus levels. They may change a bit between now and the final launch next week, but the essential structure of things is in place. Jeremy, Owen, Wolfgang, Rachel, and I will be reviewing the KS structure and when during the process each involved party will be bringing their magic mojo to the table.


Something that we are doing a bit differently than most Kickstarters is that, at the lower stretch goal levels, we will be producing only ONE book. Our basic funding goal of $10,000 will enable us to produce a 128-page softcover book featuring content from the Core Rulebook and new mythic path abilities from Legendary Games and Rogue Genius Games. As the Kickstarter progresses, more content will be added, at first as PDF expansions and then at $20,000 incorporated into a larger 240-page book, including content from Kobold Press and Deep Magic. From there, additional pledges will bring additional PDF material, until that single book then splits into three books, which will each begin at around 128 pages, and each book will continue to expand the more goals we reach. At $30,000, Dreamscarred Press will bring their amazing psionics mojo to the party as well.


This is going to be a very interactive Kickstarter. To start with, once we reach our funding goal of $10,000, our current plan is for stretch goals every $1,000 thereafter.Feats, spells, monsters, you name it; every time we hit another $1,000, more content goes in the book. Things will move quickly, and you might very well see new content added every single day, with a daily update announcing what’s been added since the last entry.


In addition, every time we hit a monster funding goal, we will post the list of monsters from one of our Mythic Monsters products online and backers will have the chance to vote for their favorites. The top vote getters in each poll will be guaranteed a spot in the book. The other monsters will include brand-new creatures as well as existing monsters from the Mythic Monsters product line as chosen by us to make sure we have a good spread of creatures across creature type and CR.  Of course, you can also circumvent the entire process with bonus pledges by marrying a monster (guaranteeing one of our existing Mythic Monsters is in the final product, regardless of what the votes say), adopting a monster (choosing any published Pathfinder RPG monster and having us give it the full mythic treament), or even giving birth to a monster (working with Legendary Games to create an all-new mythic monster). Final details are under discussion as we speak, and we will be posting up our official Kickstarter page this week. I can’t wait to get started!