MYTHIC MANIA UPDATE #7: Closer, my precious…

Our Mythic Mania Kickstarter draws very near now. However, in the interest of total transparency this is a very complex and ambitious project, with four leading companies in the Pathfinder RPG business and with a goal of producing not just one book but three. While our plan is to launch tomorrow we are also committed to having everything lined up correctly before we launch. Our initial pledge and reward system, while interesting, has turned out on review with some friendly eyes to be a bit confusing so we are reviewing and revising them to be simpler and easier to understand.


A year from now, no one will care whether a Kickstarter began on this day or that day, but everybody will remember if it launched and things were screwed up. I think the Kickstarter could launch today and be okay, but I never strive for just “okay” in anything I do. Our goal is to bring you a Kickstarter project that absolutely knocks your socks off. If all goes well, we will launch tomorrow as planned. If not, you should not have to wait more than a few days for us to get everything nailed down in anticipation of the hurricane of awesome coming your way!