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Courtesy of Endzeitgeist on DrivethruRPG:

This is the crunchiest pdf released by Legendary Games so far and it is up to the quality I’ve come to expect from the all-star team of Legendary Games – the crunch is solid, innovative and interesting, making ki feasible for all classes as well as greatly enhancing your options, often with rules that, beyond immediate benefits, result via their implications in more dynamic combats… while some of the feats herein feel slightly less inspired than others, the overall quality of the content herein should still be considered at top-brass level and thus, I’ll settle for a final verdict of 5 stars, only omitting my seal of approval due to the fact that I would have liked more unique abilities à la Hadouken, the yogi-levitating etc. Still, a great collection of complex feats.

And The Xiao on

This is just what I wanted to have! And now I have it!

Being able to shout in combat with mechanical benefits is just so cool. Speaking of cool, the best feat ever in any incarnation of D&D: THE FREAKING HADOUKEN! If you ever wanted to impersonate a character from any fighting game, this is your best chance!

The last part, Magic Ki feats, let you focus your spell to be more precise, damaging, effective etc. Exactly what the old ki powers from 1Ed did, or should have done. Also, some of them give you some legendary martial arts abilities, like using your powers unconsciously or speaking with any creature.

My only caveat with this product, and its follow-up, is the size. It is really short (not counting covers, bios, aknowledgments, tables, index blah blah, only just 14 pages of cold, hard mechanics) and includes only feats. I think including archetypes, spells, items or even a new yogi/inkyo like class would have made this product force me to hack Paizo’s website to add 6 stars! It is THAT good!

All in all, if you are interested in anything ki related for your eastern-flavoured (not necessarily themed) campaign, this is worth its megabytes in gold pieces.



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