More 5-star reviews for LG – Nautical Heroes and more!

In less than a month, Nautical Heroes: Pregenerated Characters has already garnered a pair of 5-star reviews on

Feros says: Final Thoughts: Overall this is an excellent product. If your players are having trouble developing a character for a pirate campaign or if you are a player looking for a shortcut, this supplement is for you. As NPC rivals, allies, or even opponents, having richly detailed and rule legal characters these eight entries will find great use in my campaign. So even if your players create their own characters, as a GM you should consider the value of extra NPCs and seriously think about this product.


And Devastation Bob: Nautical Heroes continues Legendary Game’s awesome series of pre-generated characters for the Paizo Adventure Path series. Ably filling the role of PC, NPC, or Quickie Replacement Character, each comes nicely illustrated with backstory and levelling suggestions in addition to the regular character stats. Characters range from a bloodthirsty Tengu rogue to an Undine Monk. You’ll want to play them all. Check it out.


But that’s not all! Check out the high praise and seal of approval from Endzeitgeist for Mythic Magic: Advanced Spells I! 

Jason Nelson, Jeff Lee and Morgan Boehringer have crafted a vast array of mythic spell-upgrades for perhaps the most crucial base book among the PFRPG hardcovers released so far – and this book delivers. While there are slightly more numerical-increase mythic adaptations herein than in the last mythic magic-book, that is also due to the significantly higher page-count. Let’s cut to the chase – this is absolutely non-optional. If you run a mythic campaign that is not core-rulebook + MA only (and why would you?), there’s simply no way past this pdf. Not only are *many* spells downright inspired in their synergy and uncommon improvements, they belong to what amounts to the very basic minimum rulekit one expects – or at least I do, from a campaign. Instead of just delivering a default job, the designers have went above and beyond the first two Mythic Magic-installments to make this book and its spells stand out, feel distinct and most importantly, diversified them. Instead of simply going into the depth, many options herein go into the breadth, enriching the game rather than simply adding numerical escalation.


This is a required book for any mythic campaign; and yes, it has slightly more glitches than I like to see, but no game-breakers – and that, alongside its sheer creativity and breadth, are what makes this stand out. It’s not perfect, but for such a straightforward topic as “make mythic spells of all of these”, the designers have managed to retain a freshness and playfulness that suffuses these pages and makes the read inspiring – it may not be perfect, but I quite frankly don’t care in the face of creativity like this. Final verdict: 5 stars + seal of approval.

Mythic Advanced Spells I