As in, that’s what you can save RIGHT NOW at Legendary Games! SAVE 30% ON ALMOST EVERY PRODUCT. Just enter the coupon code GenCon30 and save, Save, SAVE!


This sale will also be occurring over on the d20pfsrd webstore once the admins there perform the necessary inputs.


Why a sale? For the last time, I shall be sitting home this GenCon. While many of the Legendary crew will be there, like Neil Spicer, Tim Hitchcock, and Clinton J. Boomer, and this year marks the debut of our first print product at GenCon with Ultimate Rulership (available at the Paizo booth), yours truly will be sitting home in Seattle, working a summer camp at my school and deviously plotting an amazing pile of new product that is just about ready to be unleashed. Hold onto your wallets, because Legendary Games is about to launch an all-out assault on your willpower with products that will blow your mind and leave you begging for more.


Next year, will be a big debut at GenCon for Legendary Games as a I will be there with bells on and boots dusty, but for right now, I’m hard at work and offering you the chance to save a pile of cash, but only until GenCon is over on Sunday, August 18. When the Con is gone, so are the savings. Come and get it!


The obligatory fine print: This sale does not include our Ultimate Plug-Ins line or the following Kingdom-Building Adventure Path Plug-Ins: the just-released Faerie Passions and the imminently to be released Beasts of Legend: Boreal Bestiary and Horns of the Hunted.



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