Missing MYTHIC MONDAY Means More Mythic Magic!

Last week was a scheduled off week for our Mythic Minis because of the wind-up of the Thanksgiving holidays, but this week we had hoped to get you Mythic Minis 44: Trickster Path Abilities II, but those darn tricksters are just too tricky. They skipped town until next week. HOWEVER, as we streak to the finish line on design for the Mythic Mania Kickstarter, we are pleased to announce the imminent publication of Mythic Magic: Campaign Setting Spells, available later this week from Legendary Games!


This product contains almost 200 mythic spells drawn from over a dozen products designed to complement the official campaign setting of the Pathfinder RPG. From abstemiousness to zone of foul flames, this book brings you a magnificent selection of mythic magic from that planet that sounds like “Go Larry, On!” We couldn’t include every spell ever published for the campaign world; with more coming out every month, but we think the spells contained herein are a great representative sampling of magic from every school and every level. In addition to hyperlinking to online resources with the descriptions of the base spells, for those who like print versions or their official PDF copies each spell description contains a superscript indicating the original publication(s) in which the spell appeared. You should have no trouble figuring out which spell comes from where.


AA = Guide archiving rules for animal companions and familiars.

DHH = Handbook for hunting demons.

DSH = Handbook for slaying dragons.

DW = Guide to other worlds and planetary adventures.

FG = Guide to factions in the lands of the Inland Sea.

FP = Guide to religious philosophies and faiths.

ISG = Guide to gods in the lands of the Inland Sea.

ISM = Guide to magic in the lands of the Inland Sea.

ISWG = Guide to the world of the Inland Sea.

LK = Guide to the lost kingdoms of the campaign world.

MO = Guide to the origins of mythic power.

OLP = Guide to Egyptian-themed land of pharoahs and pyramids.

PSand = Guide to the peoples living in the sandy deserts.

PStar = Guide to the peoples living among the stars.

RG = Guide to rival adventuring parties.