Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

Ultimate Rulership continues its rampaging reign as the #1 3rd-party download on for a third consecutive week. We are delighted by the fan reaction to this product and hope people are looking forward to the upcoming companion product, Ultimate War. We’ll be previewing some of the content you’ll find in that product soon, and it should be moving towards completion soon.

Meanwhile, we wanted to send a quick shoutout to Valantrix1 and redcelt32 on the Paizo boards for their thoughtful and very complimentary posts. Valantrix says: “Yes, the price point on Legendary Games offerings are higher than some other 3rd party companies, but it’s worth every penny. Every time I have purchased one of their products, I have been completely satisfied in the end with what I bought.” Redcelt says, “the writers I have seen working on LG products do top quality work. They have written some of my favorite adventures, and contributed to some truly excellent Paizo products. I realize that not everyone has free entertainment money to spend on gaming material. However, you don’t go into a Mercedes dealership and quibble over the pricetag. The level of excellence that I see these days from folks like Paizo, Legendary Games, Fire Mountain Games, Alluria Press, and quite a few others, was unheard of even in 3.x days. Paizo set a new standard, and some are rising to meet it. I am loving this new era of amazing adventure writing and truly excellent art and campaign material.” Thanks guys.

Redcelt32 mentions the idea of 3PPs raising the bar, and at Legendary Games we are certainly committed to doing just that. Lest you think we’re content with just making the most amazing products we know how, stay tuned, as next Wednesday we’ll be making an announcement that is going to kick that bar up to a whole nother level.


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