Lucky number 13

I think folks are right, 663 would be overkill. And while there is no kill like OVERkill, especially for demons, what would be a good number. Since demons pretty much exist in opposite day compared to the rest of the universe, whatever you like they probably hate, and whatever you hate they probably like, so I figure for demons 13 is probably a lucky number. But which 13? To whom could we go for advice?


A little-known fact about Legendary Games is that when we were first developing our logo, before we settled on the bloody sword of legends, is that we considered going with a succubus for our logo. True story. Maybe Dark_Mistress is still around to offer some advice. Oh, wait, here she is. And look, she has a friend…

Dark_Mistress, ready to hit the town

Dark_Mistress, ready to hit the town


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