Let’s go Crazy – Madness, Confederates, Tombs, and Last-Chance Savings!

We are excited and delighted to debut the latest product delving into realms of horror and insanity in Mike Shel’s magnificent Tome of Madness! This 30-page Pathfinder product gives you a richly detailed and actually interesting system for dealing with mental illness in gaming in a way that brings depth and dimension to PCs and NPCs alike while leaving you with a still-playable character. Plus madness-themed magic items, methods for treating insanity, addiction, and more! Grab this fantastic new supplement at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand soon at Amazon! 


Even more great stuff is coming soon, including the debut of Ancient Tombs, which has already gone out to our Patreon supporters and will be available later this week in wide release, offering tons of treasures, feats, spells, guardian creatures, traps, and more for filling out the tombs of your favorite ancient civilization!


More excitement is on the horizon for 5E fans as well, as Ultimate War (5E) is almost complete in layout and should be ready for this Friday, and the 13th-level sci-fi/fantasy adventure Starfall will be heading to layout soon! And of course these are the final days of our epic 20 FOR 20 MEGA-BUNDLE SALE, with 20 5E PDFs for just $20 – over 550 pages of adventures and accessories! Grab it today because the savings end when November does!


Our Kickstarters are also moving along. We have completed fulfillment on the Trail of the Apprentice Kickstarter, which is always a great feeling, and we also have a new update on our Legendary Planet project for our Kickstarter backers regarding Confederates of the Shattered Zone! Check out the details here!