Legendary Scratch and Dent Deals!

One thing about the publishing business is you ship a LOT of books, and sometimes books don’t always get handled with care somewhere along the line. Gremlins attack, machines mangle, and shipping golems aren’t always as careful as we’d like. All of that means we end up with a few books that have a bashed-in corner, scratches on the cover or spine, or other cosmetic defects. Now you can pick those up in our Non-Mint Products page: all the same great content, at HALF THE PRICE! You can even add the PDF version to your non-mint hardcover for just $10 more!

If you don’t mind that your book is not quite pristine, grab a great deal on the Gothic Campaign Compendium, Mythic Hero’s Handbook, Mythic Monster Manual, and Mythic Spell Compendium!  These deals are limited to stock on hand, though we may add to the scratch and dent bin if we uncover any additional damaged books or returns!

P.S. I blame this guy for all damages. He just doesn’t like books. Jerk. 🙂

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