Legendary Planet… that star is almost ready to KILL!

We got a ton done over last weekend and earlier in the week but had to pause for a few days to work on payroll and taxes before getting going again last night. We also had a layout cycle pause, as one layout artist had to pack up for a cross-country move, but our backup on this project was ready to go by Thursday and he now has the in-progress InDesign files and already has begun work on keeping the momentum going! In fact, I’ve got layout samples to show below! But first, the Complete-o-Meter!

1.  The Flesh Pits of the Jagladine are finished (and in a way that I think really honors the creepiness of the jagladine as one of the long-running villain groups of the story, as well as presenting certain problems for the high-level heroes that you just can’t punch or stab) and the Chiroptiary Barracks begun. These are the last sections of Chapter 3, so once those are finished and we do a last cleanup pass on the chapter as a whole, it’ll be ready to go and then on to developing Chapter 4.

2.  5E Conversion on Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 is done! The 5E team has pivoted over to the appendices, and the Bestiary section is mostly done as well, as is Adventuring in the Void. They should be finishing those up soon, just in time to pivot back to Chapter 3 when we send out the final version.

3.  The maps are complete! I’ve been working with Michael Tumey back and forth this week on some refinements and finishing elements, with the Ultari Parliament building for Chapter 4 the last in the bunch. One last edit on some troublesome staircases (no, really) and that’s it.

4.  Word count is currently over 56,000 and climbing, just for the adventure. Final count will probably land around 65,000 when it’s all said and done. Add that to the five appendices at a total word count of over 25,000 and you’ve got a total book that’s double the size of the earlier already-massive chapters in the saga.

Hey, I cannot apologize enough about how long this project has taken, but one thing is for sure: At the end of the day, no one will be able to say this finale wasn’t EPIC!

I’ll be taking my youngest to go see Shazam! today, then back to the word mines. (I saw it once already with my older son and we had a great time – check it out if you haven’t!) But first, FINISHED LAYOUT PREVIEWS!

A brand-new monster from Steve for Chapter 4 alongside one created by a backer!

*sigh* Yes, there’s a typo, but the rest of it is totally rad!

If there’s a theme for this adventure, it just might be… BOOM! 🙂