Legendary Games Live on Refresh and Reload!

We will be discussing the following and MORE on our call tonight with Refresh and Reload. If you don’t catch us live tonight we will be sharing the video tomorrow too on the update plus it will be on you tube as well. View it live here: http://youtu.be/zOBv2sqmRWE

  • Our tabletop company is providing something to the industry others don’t, we offer a plug in for your Pathfinder Adventure Path Game.
  • Written by RPG Superstars Jason Nelson, Neil Spencer, Clinton Boomer. Along with Tim Hitchcock, Greg Vaughan, and others Quality products that are made by some of the best in the Pathfinder industry.
  • We have a pdf line that is cost effective that players and GMs can both use.
  • Our art is top shelf. And now we are offering them all in one Book, reformatted for print.
  • We are giving the fan a Legendary Quality product since the content is by Legendary people in the industry, unhinged, unleashed, and unedited. (But proofread and grammar checked)

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