Legendary Games available on RPGnow, and another 5-star review!

I don’t think I’ve mentioned previously, but in addition to Paizo.com, the d20pfsrd webstore, and DrivethruRPG, Legendary Games products are also available on Drivethru’s sister site, RPGnow. Whichever is your venue of choice or convenience, hit them up and buy, Buy, BUY!!!

Also, even though it’s been out just a day, the Sepulchral Swaths of Tanoth-Gha have already picked up their first 5-star review, from featured reviewer Megan R. at DrivethruRPG/RPGnow! Check it out!

All is beautifully-presented and redolent in genuine gothic horror. Even if you don’t want to weave these into the AP, it’s not hard to think of your own horrific adventures involving these things…

Megan makes the great point we always try to emphasize with our Adventure Path Plug-Ins: It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing the companion AP or not! If you want amazing products oozing with flavor, color, depth, and creativity, from some of the best minds in the business and presented to you in full-color awesome, Legendary Games is where it’s at!


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