Legendary Games Anniversary Sale!

In honor of our 1st anniversary since our relaunch last July 1st, we’re getting the party started early by partnering with shop.d20pfsrd.com for an amazing one-week sale! Get 40% off any of our products that we released in 2011, plus we wanted to include at least one product from our new Kingbreaker Adventure Path Plug-Ins, so we threw in the epic Cold Mountain adventure just because!

The sale begins at midnight tonight on d20pfsrd, which is a vendor we love since of all of our sales partners they take the smallest cut.  Of course, not to be outdone we are offering the same 40% discount on the same products on our site. Just use the coupon code Anniversary40 and take 40% off on a baker’s dozen of amazing products from Legendary Games. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I’ve heard Legendary Games makes cool stuff, but they’re just too expensive,” now is your chance to find out what all the buzz is about. Get your discount on any or all of the following products:

1. Treasury of the Macabre

2.  Gothic Heroes

3.  The Murmuring Fountain

4.  The Fiddler’s Lament

5.  Tomes of Arcane Knowledge

6.  Construct Codex

7.  Under Frozen Stars

8.  The Baleful Coven

9.  The Way of Ki

10.  Meditations of the Imperial Mystics

11.  Gothic Grimoires: The Necrotic Verses

12.  Gothic Grimoires: On the Inverse Calculus of Unseen Refraction

13.  Cold Mountain

Get em while they’re hot, because after the 28th this deal is OVER! Don’t miss it!



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