Legacy products finally coming soon!

Here at Legendary Games, I have a handful of projects that I’ve been working on, on and off, for literally YEARS. Things keep coming up and they just never quite seem to get finished, and 2016 was supposed to be the year stuff GETS DONE.
Well, now it is! One of those legacy projects, once called “Way of the Blade” and featuring a bunch of cool Asian-themed character options, eventually sprouted into three companion volumes, and the first of those just went off to layout!
Asian Archetypes: Martial by N. Jolly, Jason Nelson, Jesse Benner, and David N. Ross is officially in the pipeline and should be ready for you soon, featuring a dozen new archetypes for martial classes, plus a very detailed character ready to use out of the box to show off some of the neat new stuff in here. Check out the table of contents!
Bloodrider (Cavalier Archetype)
SIDEBAR: Bloodrider Mounted Combat feats
Hyakusho (Fighter Archetype)
Iajutsu Adept (Swashbuckler Archetype)
Imperial Unifier (Samurai Archetype)
Kaiju Hunter (Ranger Archetype)
Kuma (Barbarian Archetype)
Kwa No (Ninja Archetype)
Mandarin (Investigator Archetype)
SIDEBAR: Oriental Vigilante items
Mercurial Duelist (Vigilante Archetype)
SIDEBAR: Oriental Vigilante talents
Sentai Soldier (Vigilante Archetype)
Silversword (Samurai Archetype)
Sky Dancer (Swashbuckler Archetype)
Sample Character: Kozue Kaburagi
Thanks to everybody for making this project come to life, and get ready for the companion volumes, one focusing on monks and one on magical characters, to be coming your very soon. These books, plus Legendary Hybrids: Yakuza (which is well along in development), should put a cap on the Far East AP Plug-Ins line, which was the second line we launched at Legendary Games.
I look forward to tying up the loose ends on this and on some of our other product lines with an outstanding legacy product, like Fort Scurvy (Pirates) and Royal Tournaments (River Kings) and, of course, ULTIMATE ARMIES!
Coming soon. Progress feels good!!! PS – Here’s an art preview of the lovely and talented Kozue Kaburagi, courtesy of the terrific Tanyaporn Sangsnit!