Last call – Heroes for Harvey charity bundle and Alien Bestiary end 9/30!

With the incredible succession of disasters recently, from wildfires Hurricanes Irma, Jose, Katia, and Maria, plus earthquakes, wildfires, and more, it’s easy to forget that the people of Southeast Texas were the first ones in the line of fire when Hurricane Harvey hit. We joined with many other companies in a giant mega-bundle to support hurricane relief, and while that bundle ended earlier this month we’ve run our HEROES FOR HARVEY BUNDLE all month long at DrivethruRPG. You can get three of our fantastic 5-star-awesome pregenerated heroes products for Pathfinder – Nautical Heroes, Planetary Heroes, and Aetheric Heroes – at a big discount and ALL the proceeds go to benefit three terrific local charities, the Southeast Texas Food Bank, Montrose Center in Houston for LGBTQ youth, and Teachers of Tomorrow! We are currently planning a new charity effort for next month to benefit hurricane relief in Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria, but we want to encourage anyone who hasn’t yet to pick up HEROES FOR HARVEY, or to do whatever you can on your own to support people in need in the wake of this unprecedented series of natural disasters, and the heroic men and women working on the front lines to rescue and rebuild. You don’t have to go face-to-face with a giant barbarian shark-man to be a hero, but we hope you’ll enjoy reading about our fictional heroes while you support the real ones!

This Saturday also marks the end of the awesome Alien Bestiary Kickstarter for 5th Edition, Pathfinder, and Starfinder. We’re approaching 500 pages of amazing monsters, NPCs, and much, much more for your sci-fi and space games. If you can only support one, by all means support the heroes. Sci-fi will still be here when you get back. But if you love sci-fi and space adventure, we totally encourage you to check it out and join the 435 backers already on board in the final THREE DAYS!

Get the aliens before they get YOU!