Kickstarters ahoy and MORE!

So the triumphant return of MYTHIC MONDAY will have to wait until next week, as Path of the Bound is not *quite* done in layout yet, but I am delighted to report that Legendary Barbarians by Jeff Gomez, Jason Nelson, and Ehn Jolly is juuust about done in development and ready to head to layout as well.

In addition, we have much, MUCH more to share on the Kickstarter scene!
– Fates of Madness Adventure Card Game! Our Kickstarter kicked off last week and is climbing along. It’s a new venture for us but one we’re excited about and that we’ve been running convention demos and playtests at conventions for several months and getting a great response, and now in the latest update you can check out a terrific gameplay video showing how the game works right here! This project is running through early July, giving even more people chances to check out demos at their local conventions run by the design team, and we hope you’ll help spread the word and check it out!
Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium: The books are here! We’ve sent out our Amazon and distribution shipments to prep for our international backers, and our shipping boxes have arrived today for our domestic shipments – I’ll be heading down to pick them up once I finish this post! Team LG is ready to kick it into gear and get your books headed your way!
– Pirate Campaign Compendium: Over 100 books have already been sent out to backers – basically everyone who was getting a Pathfinder version of the book without add-ons has got their book headed out. We were waiting on shipping boxes for some backers, and we discovered we had to reupload one of our softcover print books for those getting that bundle along with their 500-page hardcover compendium, but it should cycle through by the end of this week and be ready to go!
– Alien Bestiary: The first sample chapter of the Alien Codex has gone out to backers, and we should have our first layout preview from the Alien Bestiary (Starfinder) ready to sent out in the next few days as well!
– Legendary Planet: I’m still making slow but steady progress on To Kill a Star and should be ready to send the next chapter over to the 5E team for conversion this week, so they can be working on that while I’m continuing on the Pathfinder version.
– Mythic Mania II: Wait, we haven’t even DONE this Kickstarter yet, but we announced it at PaizoCon last month and just wanted to update you that the team on this project is chugging along and making great progress on mythic material from the Advanced Class Guide, Adventurer’s Guide, Ultimate Intrigue, Ultimate Wilderness, Occult Adventures, and more! Our goal is to get as much as possible – ideally everything including the most likely bonus goals – finished before we launch, so we can turn this baby around for you in record time!
– Last but not least, we wanted to send a shout-out to another Kickstarter that we personally have nothing to do with, Black Sands! The folks behind it are telling some engaging stories of African/Egyptian mythology in books, comics, and now are creating a series pilot (with an eventual goal of a feature film). The style is essentially anime but with a distinctly and robustly pan-African flavor. These are adventure stories that don’t always rise up in the mainstream but they’re entertainingly told, beautifully illustrated, and made with the kind of passion and flair that warms our Legendary hearts. You can check out the Black Sands Entertainment Facebook page here if you’re interested in their comics and books, but we encourage you also to check out their Kickstarter – it’s got 5 days left and they are almost 90% of the way to their funding goal, so a good surge in the last few days can help push them over the top!