It’s Always Darkest Before Halloween!

And that’s why we are proud to present, exclusively from the Legendary Games webstoreour latest Halloween SPOOK-tacular product: Mythic Monsters: Shadow! This book of beshadowed beasts will be available in wide release this weekend, but you can pick up this collection of crepuscular creatures right here, right now! - Mythic Monsters Shadow front cover

What will you find within these pages? Check out the table of contents below, and go to the product page for a full run-down of all these creatures, plus a fantastic bit of frontmatter featuring the mythic shadowdancer prestige class!



CR 3/MR 1 –     Mythic dark creeper

CR 3/MR 2 –     Shadowperson

CR 4/MR 1  –    Mythic shadow

CR 5/MR 2 –    Mythic dark stalker

CR 5/MR 2 –     Mythic gloomwing

CR 5/MR 2 –     Mythic lampadarius kyton

CR 6/MR 2 –     Mythic umbral shepherd

CR 10/MR 4 –   Mythic tenebrous worm

CR 12/MR 5 –   Mythic sacristan kyton

CR 15/MR 6 –   Mythic interlocutor kyton

CR 18/MR 7 –   Giant mythic adult umbral dragon

CR 20/MR 8 –   Mythic nightwalker

CR 25/MR 10 –  Mythic eremite kyton