It’s alive… IT’S ALIVE!!!!

And by it, of course, I mean US! After an extended hiatus, Legendary Games is back in action and ready to knock your socks off. The long-delayed projects we have created in support of the Gothic/horror-themed Adventure Path made by our friends over at Paizo are ready to burst forth onto the scene with a terrible majesty.

Most of the Legendary Games crew will be at PaizoCon 2012, including Greg, Neil, Jason, our amazing layout man Tim Wickham, and fan-favorite artist Hugo Solis. Coinciding with PaizoCon, we will be rolling out three new products for download, all ideally suited for use with any campaign with horror themes:

– “The Murmuring Fountain,” a 1st-2nd level adventure cowritten by Clark Peterson and I, a haunting blend of two parts Edgar Allen Poe and one part H.P. Lovecraft…

– “The Fiddler’s Lament,” a 1st-2nd level adventure written by Greg A. Vaughan, where a bit of tragedy may leave your PCs crying…

– “Tomes of Ancient Knowledge,” a compendium of four very different and yet all very horrible spellbooks, two arcane and two divine (yes, divine), written by Jason Nelson in concert with the otherworldly scrivenings of our resident madman, Clinton J. Boomer!

More products are on the docket thereafter, including the final installment of our “Gothic AP” plug-ins, the “Construct Codex,” and the launch of a new series of products aimed at supplementing and supporting campaigns and Adventure Paths that might travel to the fantastic Far East, perhaps even by way of the desolate arctic. From vikings to ninjas, we’ll have you covered! Neil Spicer’s “Imperial Heroes” pregenerated NPCs will be the first product in that line, though adventures by Greg Vaughan and Jason Nelson and a few surprises also lie in wait down the road.

We appreciate your patience and continued interest in what Legendary Games has to offer during our formative moments, but we think you’ll be as excited as we are about what is coming. We don’t make a product it unless we think it’s awesome, from aesthetic appeal to innovative layout and interactivity to terrific writing and ideas. You have a lot of choices in the gaming market and only the best will do, so that’s what we aim to deliver every time.

Game on!



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