Introducing Ultimate Plug-Ins from Legendary Games

The teases are over. Legendary Games is proud to present our newest line of products, Ultimate Plug-Ins! Not directly associated with any Adventure Path, these incredible products offer fantastic expansions to the hardback rulebook line of products for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Who better to bring you these expanded options than the same designers that create so many of those rules in the first place? That is the power to Make Your Game Legendary. For first product in this line, the clues are now all assembled.

Glory, riches, and power await those with the will to achieve their ultimate destiny.

Perhaps a map will help you find your way in your campaign to achieve greatness.

Soon everyone in the kingdom will know your name and toast your fame.

Excitement is building. And it’s not the only thing…

You think the new kingdom-building rules sound great? They are. But there is more, so much more, from new edicts to population and military recruitment, new integrated danger and kingdom event rules, new buildings and rules for cities, towns, villages, and neighborhoods, royal titles and forms of address, espionage, magical improvements, exotic settlements, and more. Your kingdom-building will never be the same. If you are using the new kingdom-building rules, you cannot miss this product, or the rest of the new products coming down the line.

Available starting tomorrow, June 1st, exclusively from Legendary Games:


Available tomorrow for advance purchase at or by email at (and available next week in wide release).


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