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Gothic-CompilationDabble in the realms of horror with the Gothic Campaign Compendium package. Choose from two dozen feats like Cultic Opiate and Heart Ripper, 70 horror-themed spells from necrophagy to ancient mysteries, and more! Whether you’re fighting a blood-thirsty cult of vampires or a horrific alien invasion, this new package is a must-have for any gothic-themed game.  This horror-themed package will be one your players won’t forget with new feats, archetypes, magic items, and more! ($14.99)

This package includes content from Gothic Grimoires: The Necrotic Verses, To Serve A Prince Undying, Spellbones Of The Devourer, The Sepulchral Swaths of Tanoth-Gha, On the Unseen Calculus of Inverse Refraction, plus The Mad Doctor’s Formulary, Construct Codex, Treasury Of The Macabre,Tomes Of Ancient Knowledge, Cultic Cryptomancia, Beyond the Void, Gothic Heroes, Mutant Manifesto, Feasting at Lanterngeist, The Murmuring Fountain, and The Fiddlers Lament!

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Pick up the Gothic Campaign Compendium for Hero Lab available on the Lone Wolf website now for only $14.99!


Legendary Games’ Mythic Spell Compendiummythicspellcompendium

Produced by Legendary Games, the Mythic Spell Compendium brings you mythic versions of over 2000 spells for your Pathfinder campaign! This book is an encyclopedic tome of magic, a comprehensive compilation of mythic versions for EVERY spell in the Pathfinder core rules and MORE! These spells are not just an exercise in bigger numbers (though you’ll find those here as well), but bring new and exciting dynamic and even cinematic options to your spellcasting character, many with augmentable variations to expand their power to an even grander scale.

There are earth-shaking magics here, alongside inventive and occasionally amusing uses for lower-level magics; everything from the humblest of cantrips to the mightiest of miracles, is covered between these pages. Coupled with the core mythic spells in Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Mythic Adventures, every spellcaster, no matter how obscure their specialty, will find page after page of amazing options. If you’re playing Pathfinder with the mythic rules, you need to grab this book.

HOWEVER, this book is an amazing resource for you even if you’re NOT using the mythic rules! The mythic rules are a terrific toolbox for making magic more mysterious and, even better, more interesting, in a standard Pathfinder campaign. From ancient cultures to secret cults, alien races to eldritch secrets, sacrificial sorcery to divine mysteries, all are sources from which the forgotten or forbidden lore of mythic magic could spring to new life in your Pathfinder campaign.

The Mythic Spell Compendium is available now in Hero Lab for only $14.99, or from the Legendary Games Store in print or PDF!


mythic-monster-manualOpen the Mythic Mythic Monster Manual, produced by Legendary Games. This package includes over 200 monsters to use in your Pathfinder games, including over two dozen new monsters, plus new monster-themed mythic feats. ($19.99)