Happy Veterans Day and Thank You for Your Service!

Right now we are running our Mother of Monsters 5E Kickstarter, rooted in the myths and legends of ancient Greece. A lot of what we associate with the visual aesthetic of ancient Greece are the hoplites and phalanx soldiers, but we also want to give a shout-out to all who have served themselves in the modern world. Gaming is a popular pastime on the long and often lonely days on duty on domestic bases and overseas deployments, and Legendary Games is proud to list numerous veterans among on our team. There are many ways to serve, and the holiday also known as Armistice Day is certainly a time to celebrate the end of wars and the promise of peace, but we are happy to thank all who have been willing to place their lives on the line in service.

In small thanks to all of you, we have created the VETERANS1111 coupon code at the LG webstore, for any veterans out there to save 22% off (11+11) on anything and everything you purchase from our webstore for the rest of November. Whether you’re a Pathfinder player (1E or 2E), a 5E fan, a Starfinder supporter, or whatever your game of choice might be, we hope you’ll find something fantastic for your game!

Mother of Monsters lead designer Adrian Arduini

Service often runs in the family, as Adrian shared pictures of his son and father in service as well!